Monday, December 5, 2011

Metal Monday: New Lamb of God Track

Despite their massive popularity, I've never really gotten into Lamb of God. I've never been one of those people who is constantly searching for new music -- I am just a tad too old to have taken full advantage of Napster, and I'm more likely to use streaming radio for background music while I do something else, so I'm not sitting there tweaking my stations and feverishly tracking new music to listen to. I'm starting to do that a bit more, for the purposes of this column and for my own personal enjoyment, but throughout most of my life, I've basically been satisfied listening to the same bands year after year after year.

Anyway, when I first heard Lamb of God, it was at a time when I was strongly adverse to the throaty growls that characterize the vocals of so many sub-genres of heavy metal. I really couldn't stand them, and so any band that employed them really have a chance with me.

For whatever reason, my taste has changed, and I don't mind them as much. While I think I'll always prefer the more "normal" singing of most thrash and speed, I listen to my fair share of death and black metal and have come to a certain peace with this vocal style.

I'm glad I have, too, because Lamb of God has some great stuff going on behind the vocals. After checking out the free stream of a new track, "Ghost Walking" (a/s, I spent some time this morning listening to Lamb of God's catalog on Spotify -- and came away with plenty of stuff to put into the rotation. I'm now eagerly awaiting the January 24 release of Resolution, the album on which "Ghost Walking" appears.

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