Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Saint Mary's 57, Northern Iowa 41

[recap] [box score]

Saint Mary's notes: I never really liked Matthew Dellavedova as a shooting guard, and so I didn't expect to like him any better as a point. I was pleasantly surprised, then, to see him handling the primary ballhandling/playmaking duties as well as he did. He made a couple of flashy no-look passes, but was most effective finding shooters on the weak side on the pick and roll, passing back behind the play.

Northern Iowa notes: Brutal night for the Panthers offensively. They like to slow it down and dig in on defense, so the pace of the game and the low point total suited them just fine. The problem is that sometimes teams that focus so much on making life difficult for the opposition tend to play offense that way, too. (Of course, it could be that teams who have a tough time scoring are more likely to focus on defense to compensate for those deficiencies.) ... Anthony James took plenty of bad shots, but he also got plenty of good looks for himself; he just couldn't knock them down (1-for-15) ... Jimmy Moran and Chip Rank drilled a few three-pointers late to prevent this from being an all-out embarrassment.

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